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Mouse Problem?

Mice and rats can become an unwanted nuisance when they begin to find their way into your home. They are warm-blooded mammals that can be found throughout the world. 


Mice and rats, no matter their size or species, have continuously growing front incisors. In order to prevent these teeth from overgrowing and preventing them from being able to eat, they gnaw on anything they come across. They also carry many diseases as well as are a major contributor to allergies. 


When mice and rats get inside, they can contaminate food and surfaces with their excrement and saliva. They will chew through drywall, pipes, wires, and flooring. Due to their poor eyesight, rats and mice use other means to find their way in and out of your home. Rats and mice leave grease marks on walls, sills, floors and furniture as they follow the same path from their nest to a food source each day.  


Infestations occur because our homes, businesses, and yards are providing them with food, water, and shelter. 

Image by Joshua J. Cotten

We will identify your needs and provide a personalized Integrative Pest Management (IPM) treatment and solution for control. Whether that be trapping, baiting, or minor exclusion work, we assist in protecting your home in a secure, efficient, and affordable way.

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