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About US

Tony’s Pest Solutions is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service and commitment to our community.

Anthony DeMaio is the proud owner/operator of Tony’s Pest Solutions. Anthony, his wife Cynthia and three children are excited for the upcoming opportunity to expand in such a great area of the state and country. With years of experience, Anthony is ready to make Tony’s Pest Solutions the premier option to handle your pest control needs.   

Our goal is to provide solutions to your pest problems with local, personalized and community focused service. We pride ourselves in providing a personal touch to the industry through our customer service while still practicing the latest improvements of IPM (Integrated Pest Management).  

Personalized Service:
We believe now more than ever knowing and trusting the service men and woman that enter your home is needed and desired. We tailor fit services for your individual needs as no home is the same with the same set of circumstances.  


Community Commitment:
Growing up in Putnam/Dutchess I know the pride we take in being self-sufficient and I also know when a hand is needed our community has a history of stepping up to the plate and making sure our neighbors are taken care of. In a world that allows our community to grow past its normal borders, I'm committed to holding on to what makes LOCAL special. 

If you're in need of a one-time service or want Peace Of Mind knowing your home is protected, contact us today for a FREE comprehensive inspection! 

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